Dirty #Venator kills climate in #Duisburg – @VenatorCorp #Divest #Pollution #EndCoal

Venator has production facilities at many places in the world. One of those is in Duisburg (Germany).

I wrote the company a few times, about their brown coal power plant. Brown coal is a very dirty way to produce energy. While I understand, that a company needs power. I don’t understand, why the still use an ancient plant for the power consumption of today.

Even more I don’t understand why Venator doesn’t reply. I guess the German facility got an muzzle. That’s a very sad example for company public relation at least.

In the net Venator always tell, how good their products are, but how good can they be, when the produce it in an dirty way.

It’s strange that a company who produce white titandioxide and other pigments for bright colors is such polluting. So if you think about investing in Venator, think twice. Isn’t clean and isn’t sustainable. I don’t see a big future for venator, since real sustainability is a sign for also financially sustainability.

Venator Brown Coal Pollution Plant

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